The M1-mini features a full MQA decoder, which can fully expand the file to provide

the highest sound quality. Imagine being present at the original studio performance

of your favourite recording artist. Every nuance, every subtlety, every tiny drop of

emotion delivered to your ears in all its intricate detail.

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Support USB Audio (MQA, PCM and DSD)
Hardware decoding MQA audio source without distortion

With the England XMOS high-speed processor to transmit USB audio using asynchronous transmission, And use an independent clock to avoid the impact
on sound quality caused by the clock jitter at the sending end, In order to restore
the highest quality of sound. The excellent high-speed computing capability also shows the processing capability of full MQA decoder, which enables you to play back MQA audio files and streams, delivering the sound of the original master recording. 

Support Coax/Optical Audio (MQA, PCM and DOP(DSD))
 M1-Mini helps your CD player decoding MQA

Using AKM digital audio receiving processor, with independent clock to improve the sound stability. Playing the MQA-CD with CD Player with digital output (Coax/Optical), the music is faithfully restored as well.

Separate power supply system to maintain pure sound quality

PWR input interface provides another power supply option, namely external power supply, Can be a 5V DC adapter or a power bank. When power is supplied from outside, The power of the USB audio transmitter will be completely cut off.
Provide cleaner power to achieve clean and good sound. 

High-quality DAC

ES9038Q2M is the world’s highest performance mobile audio DAC, With unprecedented dynamic bandwidth and ultra-low distortion, With a high-quality operational amplifier with low noise and low distortion, Losslessly
restore digital signals to analog signals. 

Support balanced output

The L and R channels are equipped with two sets of independent headphone amplifiers with positive (+) and reverse (-) outputs to improve the separation between the L and R channels. Reduce the impact of ground loop power line noise to improve signal noise ratio. 

Using "Pentaconn" High-Performance Headphone Jack Made

The headphone balanced output uses a 4.4mm socket (5-pin) to achieve a balanced connection. The excellent tight connection greatly improves the stability. Because the contact impedance of each channel is extremely low,
the resolution, breadth and depth of the sound can be fully and faithfully restored. 


. ESS Newest Generation: The world's highest performance 32-bit Stereo DAC, State-of-the-art DAC with warmer

sonic characteristics.

. Three digital inputs for complete system flexibility, Full microprocessor control with memory retention for all inputs.

. USB asynchronous transfer mode.

. Exclusive driver software for Windows.

. USB supports DSD native playback by ASIO and DoP method.

. USB supports native MQA playback.

. Coaxial and optical support MQA and MQA-CD playback.

. Three independent headphone amplifier circuits.

. Individually adjustable volume on each input for precise level matching of sources.

. Support TRRS 4.4 balanced output.

. Support separate power supply system.

Package content

. The M1-mini ( Black )

. Type-C OTG Cable

. Type-C to USB A Adapter

. 3.5 mm Optical A dapter


. Power Supply: PC's USB Power Supply or Power Bank's DC 5V voltage.

. Dimensions [W x H x D]: 48.5mm x 19mm x 86.5mm

. Weight: 113g


. Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.